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    02/21/2017 at 10:43 am

    Just wanted to see how long it took for you guys to notice your first signs that your subliminals were working. Was it a week a month a year. What was her attitude before and what were you trying to get her to do. How long was exposure. What program did you make the file with and what voice did yoi use. If there is already a post like this I apologize.

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    02/21/2017 at 2:15 pm

    Hi girlfriendtrainer,
    I’ve noticed my Lass has started showing subtle sign after about 7 days or so. Nothing big yet but she is definitly showing slightly more submissive tendencies, she is going to need a lot more time but I’m seeing progress.

    Have you tried listening to some Subliminal Messages yourself?
    I listen to few tracks almost constantly every day on my computer. It’s easy for me since I’m a student at University, just put on a few silent tracks on a playlist and go. I use VLC just because it seems to be less noticeable, iTunes always seems to want to pop up, and do some update or ask permission for something.

    I find the I am Dominant, I am happy, along with Confident works well.

    best of luck,

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    02/21/2017 at 2:44 pm

    Hi GFT

    Everyone is different. Commonly about a month. My situation is different to others here where by my wife wanted to separate and she was in complete control of the relationship doing whatever she wanted. A good year and a bit later we are back together and she now asks me what and how I want things done.

    I’d say it took one month of the dominance script (I posted it to you) to start turning the relationship around. It was small steps and lots of patience. At times things looked like they were going backwards and still do even today (just transient phases).

    You have to make sure your script it well heard.

    The software is all linked in this site and the e-book explains the steps in making your own silent.

    My voice is different as I opted to use a local accent but Amy seems popular.

    The biggest difference with the e-book is the amp setting. I use -23, others use -30, trainer I think uses -40. Depending on your playback device. Having it too loud however can damage hearing after constant play (yes even though you can’t hear it)

    You can create a test file. Have some innocent text like ‘this is a test’ and follow all the steps in the e-book except the Nyquist prompt which makes it a silent. You can create different ones based on different amp settings. Then play that test file back to make sure the volume is just right (not too low or loud) especially if the playback is through headphones. The you will know what amp setting to use in your situation.

    Hope that helps.

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