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    Hello everyone,

    For the past few months I’ve been experimenting with Self Hypnosis on how powerful it can be if used correctly. I still favor subliminal messages, sledgehammers because its easy to use when training girls for desired results in behavior.

    Training a girl to be submissive is no easy task but using subliminal messages its a whole lot easier.

    But my study with Self Hypnosis has shown me that I need to profect the Self Hypnosis Membership and the sledgehammer products under it. The Self Hypnosis Membership will still be active for those who paid for it but membership payments will be discontinued until further notice!

    Now the Prime Membership is perfect and state of the art so it will stay as it is :) Dream Girls subliminal messages has come along way since Dream Girls started back in 2007

    I want to thank all those who have supported Dream Girls in the past and still continue to do so, thank you…

    Now the new feature Subliminal Uploads I’ve been planning to release isn’t going as planned so I have to rethink the whole code with my server tech’s help. If I released it now there be a lot of security holes which I can’t have so I need to workout these issues.

    Good day,


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