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    01/08/2014 at 9:52 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I’m so existed because this is Dream Girls first update of the new year!

    For the past few days I’ve been working on debugging the Forum removing a blasted word filter from the Forum code. I’m doing some further tests but I might of figured it out :)

    Anyways I’ve upgraded the Members Area for Gold by adding a separate Download Directory allowing a number of categories like, Sound Tracks.

    I’ve already added the sound track Rain Music, same I use for Dream Girls recordings.

    Now the, Gold Members Download Directory is in beta testing. In the next month or 2 I will add a new feature to this Directory allowing Gold members to upload their own files to the download directory.

    And for the Chat Room I updated it, so it display on the site not a pop-up. Once I’m sure the forum is working the way we want it to I plan to focus on the Message Inbox and the Chat Room next.

    A Chat Room with the option to send offline messages :)

    Happy new year all,


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    01/09/2014 at 2:57 am

    Two of the links go to the same file.

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    01/09/2014 at 2:59 am

    Which file ?

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    01/09/2014 at 3:04 am

    Easily write your own subliminal messages, and free digital software used to create…ebook. They both link to the same pdf.

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    01/09/2014 at 3:11 am

    All fixed thanks for the heads up!


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    01/09/2014 at 1:46 pm

    Forum word filter still in place.
    I gave it a test run with a script I knew I had trouble with:
    If you copy this into note pad and do a search and replace: Ctrl+H to replace d ick with dick, removing the spaces, it will come up with a Forum not set, unable to save post error.

    I keep thinking about (Name)’s d ick.
    I could suck (Name)’s d ick if I wanted.
    I know sucking (Name)’s d ick pleases him.
    Pleasing (Name) makes me the happiest.
    I could show my love by sucking (Name)’s d ick.
    I love (Name) very much.
    I could get used to the taste of (Name)’s d ick.
    (Name)’s d ick actually tastes pretty good.
    I have always felt this way.
    I could get used to the taste of (Name)’s come.
    (Name)’s come tastes good actually.
    I have always felt this way.
    I could swallow all of (Name)’s come.
    I know he would love this.
    He would do anything for me then.
    Blow jobs are something every girl does.
    Sucking (Name)’s d ick is a normal thing.
    Sucking (Name)’s d ick makes me feel like more of a woman.
    I also feel like a good wife after sucking (Name)’s d ick.
    A good wife learns how to please her man the best.
    I know I can suck (Name)’s d ick better than anyone.
    I am going to enjoy sucking (Name)’s d ick.
    Hell, I am going to enjoy swallowing all of (Name)’s come.
    (Name)’s d ick is going to taste so delicious.
    I am going to have so much fun pleasing (Name) with my mouth.
    (Name) is going to be in heaven after I suck his d ick.
    My Blow job is going to Rock (Name)’s world.
    (Name) will be amazed by my sucking skills.
    I want to suck (Name)’s d ick so badly.
    Hell, I need to suck (Name)’s d ick.
    I am going to suck (Name)’s d ick right now.
    Get over here (Name).
    I am going to Rock your world baby.

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    01/09/2014 at 1:47 pm

    I don’t think it is just a single occurrence of bad words, but a high frequency of them that trips it.

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    01/12/2014 at 10:33 pm

    After spending the day trying to figure out Dream Girls last forum error [ Forum not set – Unable to create post ] I’ve been in touch with the current host Dream Girls is on and they help me figure a few things out.

    Seems a security feature called Mod is enabled prohibiting the type of content we want to post on the forum. Now I corrected most of the issue but this is the last one.

    Dream Girls is currently on a shared hosting plan which is okay with mature site’s but there is a filter in place.

    So I’m currently working on setting up a company server which will host Dream Girls and my other sites. This server will be in office.

    Will hopefully have it up and running sometime in February.

    All keep you all posted,


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