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    So, this is my journal of my plan to “correct” and enslave my wife. We’ve been married for over ten years and have had problems with our marriage from the start. This post outlines my basic game plan, and I will update this post if a change or alter the game plan.

    About Us: I work, and she stays at home. However, she is extremely reluctant to perform household tasks. Currently, she does laundry and feels that is equal to my workload and pay check. I disagree, and the arguments have gotten more frequent as of late. We are currently sleeping in different rooms. This partially due to her wanting to play video games at forsaken times at night; she keeps me up. Instead of coming to the room when she is done, she just goes asleep in the other room.

    About Me: I used to be a dominant but fell in love, married and joined a vanilla life. While I do miss the old Dominant/submissive relationship, I have become more interested in the Master/slave relationship. Maybe I have failed to adapt to a vanilla lifestyle, but I am going to take control of our lives. It might be out of slight sense of spite, but I plan on putting her in her place.

    About her: She’s younger than me by ten years. Initially, her lack of maturity was easy to account for, and I probably encouraged her to not to mature. By maturity, I am referring to her emotional outlook and responses. Now, she is selfish and believes that all family, actually everything, activities revolve around her desires. She is addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic and plays the game instead of performing basic chores. She has gotten to the point of where she uses the game as an excuse not to perform chores. In addition, she enjoys eating and not exercising. To put it bluntly, she’s gotten fat. She is double my weight and actually causes me to rise three to four inches in our memory foam bed when she lies down. She has justified her weight as a business conspiracy to promote dieting plans.

    Goals: My goal, over time, is to instill “correct” behavior into my wife and later on to “overcorrect” her behavior. I want to develop scripts to get her to perform her house wife duties, like cleaning and cooking, to exercise, to lose weight and to become more submissive. My ultimate long term goal is to make her into my slave and to make her think of herself as my property. I plan on doing this in stages. Each stage is broken down into individual tracks. Each track will basically be a single message. I do plan on overlapping tracks, but I only plan on having three tracks, at most, playing at any given time. Basically, I will continue to play an older track after starting a new track. Ideally, each stage should take about two months; however, I do understand that it can take longer.

    Setup: I have a Bluetooth speaker hidden in her room. I’m using a dedicated tablet to play the assigned subliminal message(s) to her 24/7. I’ve tested the audio with a regular song to make sure the system works properly. It works; hopefully, the subliminal sounds work. It’s just hard to know for sure. She doesn’t know about the messages. Before expecting a major change or using a subliminal, I plan on mentioning some of the concepts as innocently as possible. For example, I will ask to go on a walk with her before playing the Walking script.

    Stage #1: The goal of this stage is to instill basic concepts of love, honor and obey into my wife and equate those marriage vows to respecting me, serving me and doing what she is told by me. I plan on running each script for at least one week, but I might extend the play time depending on how I feel she is responding to each script.

    Track #1: I plan on starting off with a custom version of the Converter script. The wording is the same as the Silent Converter script on this site; however, I used the Zita voice from the TalkAloud program. I am using custom scripts because I plan on personalizing the program in the future. I plan on using the Zita voice for consistency; I’m not sure the impact of having differing voices talking to her every week.

    Track #2: After a week of the Converter script, I plan on incorporating the Love, Honor and Obey script. I will run this script in conjunction with the Converter script for a period of time. I don’t know how long at this point; I suppose I am expecting to notice a slight change in her behavior.

    Track #3: Once I feel that the concept of “love, honor and obey” has started to take hold, I will focus on each aspect. I will create a Love script. This script will equate love to respect. It will run in conjunction with the Love, Honor and Obey script. At this point, the following scripts will be playing: the Converter; the Love, Honor and Obey; and the Love scripts.

    Track #4: After a minimum of one week, I will introduce the Honor script. This script will equate honor to service. At this point, the following scripts will be playing: the Love, Honor and Obey; the Love; and Honor scripts.

    Track #5: The next script will be the Obey script. This script will equate obeying to doing what she is told by me. I anticipate this script being slightly longer than the other two scripts. Obedience has never been her strong suit, and I expect to run this script the longest out of this stage. Since I do want to emphasize this script, the Obey script will be as long as the combination of the Love and the Honor script. At this point, the following scripts will be playing: the Love, the Honor and the Obey scripts.

    Track #6: The final script will be the Respect, Serve and Obey script. This script will be a summary of the Love, the Honor and the Obey scripts. Each of its three parts will take our wedding vows and associate them to respecting, serving and doing what I tell her. At this point, only the Respect, Serve and Obey script will be on the playlist.

    Stage #2: The goal of stage #2 is to instill her basic responsibilities in the house: cleaning and cooking. It will also reinforce the concepts in stage #1 and lay the foundation for the next stage. This stage will start with the Respect, Serve and Obey script from the previous stage.

    Track #1: The first Stage #2 script is actually outside of the primary goal for this stage. It is the Walk script. It will be nothing more than a script to encourage her to go on walks and is just a foundational for the next stage. Since this particular stage might take some time, I want her to get into the habit of taking walks at the start and throughout this stage. It will be a short script and will suggest that she take the dogs for a walk. The tentative plan is for me to take her for a walk to get her started in this habit. This script will run until a week after she starts to take walks habitually. At this point, the Respect, Serve and Obey and Walking scripts will be on the playlist.

    Track #2: This script will be the House Wife custom script. It will start playing after she starts taking walks. This particular track will have three recordings run at the same time: Respect, Serve and Obey; Walk and House Wife.

    Track #3: This script will be the Cleaning custom script. It will replace the Walk script. The script will generally stay the same as the default Cleaning script; however, it will use the Zita voice. The scripts running at this time will be: Respect, Serve and Obey; House Wife and Cleaning.

    Track #4: Once I notice the previous track taking effect, I will introduce a more customized version labeled as the I Love Cleaning script. It will include more specific cleaning tasks. I want to add this script because her definition of what needs cleaning has always been questionable. At this point, the House Wife, Cleaning and the I Love Cleaning scripts will on the playlist.

    Track #5: Once she starts completing some of her basic cleaning tasks, I will swap out the House Wife script for a custom version of the Wife’s Identity script. I will let this run for at least a week before moving on to the next track.

    Track #6: For this track, I will replace the Cleaning script with a Cooking script. This script will be the same as the Wife’s I Love Cooking script found in the download section. This is just a short, basic script. The scripts running this track are: Wife’s Identity, I Love Cleaning and Cooking. During this track, I will try to get her to cook. Initially, I’ll try something simple and then ask for something more complex. But, I’ll make sure it is something that she already knows.

    Track #7: This track will contain a heavily customized I Love Cooking script. It will encourage her to discover, try and master new recipes. I have no idea on the length of the script at this point, but it should be relatively easy to gauge is successfulness. At this point, Wife’s Identity, Cooking and I Love Cooking scripts will be on the playlist.

    Track #8: At this point, the My Marriage script will replace the Wife’s Identity script. The goal is to start placing myself at the center of her life. I’ll also reinstitute the I Love Cleaning script in place of the generic Cooking script. The active scripts will be: My Marriage, I Love Cleaning and I Love Cooking.

    Stage #3: This stage will concentrate on her looks. The primary goal is to get her to exercise more, eat less and, hopefully, lose a great deal of weight. In addition, I want to her to wear dresses and look more feminine.

    Track #1: The My Marriage script will continue to play with this track; however, I will end the I Love Cleaning and I Love Cooking scripts. These scripts will be replaced by a variation of the Girlfriend’s Feminine Dress Code script. This new script, the Pretty script, will follow the general format but will be more general in nature. It will include a section to dress better, exercise to look pretty and eat less to look pretty. This script will probably run for a long time before moving on Track #2.

    Track #2: At this point, I will add the Jogging script. It will follow the general format of the Walking script but will focus on jogging instead of walking. The following scripts will be on the playlist: My Marriage, Pretty and Jogging. Like the Walking script, I will offer to jog with her to provide a gentle push in the right direction. I might even start jogging before the script; I need to exercise more anyways.

    Track #3: The next point of focus is to start eating right. The Eat Healthy script will focus on eating habits. I’ll have to research what exactly should go into this script. This script’s goal will be to limit the amount of food she eats and to make her choose healthier foods. This is another script I anticipate running for long time. At this point, the Pretty script, the Jogging script and the Eat Healthy script will be on the playlist.

    Track #4: Once she starts eating healthier, I will introduce the Exercise script. This script will work in conjunction with a DVD exercise program. I will innocently introduce the DVD before the start of this track. Hopefully, she will use it as her exercise program. At this point, I’ll have the Pretty script, Exercise script and Eat Healthy script on the playlist.

    Track #5: At this point, I will continue with the Exercise and Eat Healthy scripts and will introduce the Dress Code script. The Dress Code script will generally follow the structure of the Girlfriend’s Feminine Dress Code script, but I will have to tailor it somewhat. I add some specific types of clothing that are desirable and add some types of clothing that are undesirable. I will be promoting more dresses and fewer pants. The Exercise, the Eat Healthy and the Dress Code scripts will be on the playlist at this point.

    Track #6: The final track of this stage will be a summary track: Stay Healthy. This track will replace the previous three tracks and should continue to play throughout the next stage.

    Stage #4: This goal of this stage is to alter her thinking from a wife into a slave wife. I want her to identify my needs and wants as superior to her needs or wants. In this stage, I will introduce concepts like Master, slave and property. The Stay Healthy script will continue to run at the start of this stage and will continue through a good portion of this stage.

    Track #1: The first track for this stage will be the My Husband’s Happiness script. It will run in conjunction with the Stay Healthy script.

    Track #2: I will add the My Husband Is Superior script. The active tracks will be: Stay Healthy, My Husband’s Happiness and My Husband Is Superior.

    Track #3: The next track will be I Will Love, Honor and Obey My Husband. The active scripts will be: Stay Healthy, My Husband is Superior and I Will Love, Honor and Obey My Husband.

    Track #4: This track will introduce the My Husband Is in Charge script. The active scripts will be: My Husband is Superior, I Will Love, Honor and Obey My Husband and My Husband is in Charge scripts.

    Track #5: TBD…

    I plan on updating this as I get a better handle on the process. I’ve already started Stage #1, Track #1. We’ll see how it goes.

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    05/08/2016 at 7:41 pm

    Hey Babanathie,

    Welcome! I just wanted to quickly ramble off some ideas to help you think about what I have done that has helped.

    Everyone here has had mixed results and you have to factor in time for experimentation along the way of course. I think I played the Converter script for 2 or 3 weeks or so and I use to have 4 phrases from the converter script like this below which I kept putting in at the beginning. Now after more than a year I still put 1 to 2 lines stating this is my inner voice sort of like the converter I guess.

    Used this after 2-4 mths:
    This is my inner voice and I always trust it.
    SILENCE MSEC=”2500″ <---these needs to be written a certain way
    I allow my inner voice to change my sub conscious.
    SILENCE MSEC=”2500″
    My inner voice helps me obey Alen.
    SILENCE MSEC=”2500″
    My inner voice helps me change.
    SILENCE MSEC=”2500″

    One thing I noticed are statements like changing the way she believes and I tried stating God says life is like this and stuff and with these you probably wouldn’t hear her say anything different but she will start to embrace change and love change. Also making her say phrases about herself like I am a good girl you may start to hear her say these or maybe say your a good husband.

    I have consistently kept every statement positive and in a specific tense. I have read negative phrasing wouldn’t be accepted well by the sub conscious.

    The best things I have done are to listen to the way she talks and add those phrases into the script. Of course I have fought and fought myself to not change the scripts too much. The biggest issue I have faces is being caught with my computer open editing my scripts for example and I recommend being very carful about everything you do like delete history etc. a lot. Also I have worked on my scripts late at night for hours and hours to clean them up and make them very logical, similar topic etc.

    Best people on here that I have tried to read every comment on were Trainer81, Fizbin and Tap and there are lot of others but I have focused on their help the most.

    Even after having done this for more than a year it still takes time and work and I know I will never be able to fully change her personality 180 degrees around but I have been very successful changing little things by keeping scripts short etc. and moving slowly. For a while I have wanted to change too many things but I have found that when you make mistakes she will still think about a script that you made and may still change that aspect even though your not playing it. I have spent hours researching hypnosis, adding 1 or 2 anchors to scripts and how to simply repeat back what she says sometimes to get her to think her mind is saying things. I have also worked on myself to eliminate the nice guy elements were I am too nice etc. I recommend a lot of research and spend a lot of time looking into all the scripts on here. I get where your coming from it sucks to have to try to change someone like this but I guess it seems like negative behaviors come from society and friends programing our women. You have to fight for what you want in life.

    I hope to keep track of your efforts and wish you good luck!!

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    05/08/2016 at 8:44 pm

    I was thinking of adding a short converter precursor to some of the later clips… Probably not all of them, maybe every third one since I plan on overlapping up to three scripts at a time. I was kind of worried that I might be spreading the topic of script out too much doing that though.

    I’ll keep it in mind. My wife has, in the past, been pretty submissive. It’s just lately, she’s been somewhat aggressive. I willing to spend the time to “correct” that thought pattern though. I’m hoping her natural tendency will be easier to bring out rather than completely rewriting her nature. There are areas that are completely against her nature; I tried to note those areas above. Partially, I wanted to remind myself that these sections might take forever and a day…

    I’m early in the process; so, I will keep an eye on verb tense. I noticed that a lot of the default scripts tend to change tenses a lot and break some rules like not using negatives. I’ll attempt to post a few scripts as I get to them… I’m currently working on the stage #1, tracks #2 and #3…

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    So here’s my Love, Honor and Obey script:

    This is my inner voice and I always trust it.

    I listen to my inner voice.
    I trust my inner voice.
    I do as my inner voice says.

    My inner voice helps me become happy.

    My inner voice helps me change.

    You want to make your Husband happy.
    I love my Husband.

    My Husband is my whole world.
    I want to honor my Husband.

    I enjoy making my Husband happy.
    I obey my Husband.

    My Husband is my whole world.
    I want to love, honor and obey my Husband.

    I want to make my Husband happy.
    You want to love, honor and obey your Husband.

    I want to make my Husband my whole world.
    My Husband is my whole world.
    Your Husband is your whole world.

    You want to love, honor and obey your Husband.
    I want to love, honor and obey my Husband.

    You want to love, honor and obey your Husband.
    I love, honor and obey my Husband.

    You love, honor and obey your Husband.
    I love, honor and obey my Husband.

    As advised, I tried to keep the verb tense consistent and in the present. And of course, the delays edited themselves out of the post…

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    05/11/2016 at 2:07 am

    I’m not the best with scripts I generally do what others do but I try. U could think about adding her name and your name occasionally into them. I read recently that someone’s name is a powerful thing to put in scripts and their mind may also pick up on it. Hope things go well.

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    @Alen said:

    I’m not the best with scripts I generally do what others do but I try. U could think about adding her name and your name occasionally into them. I read recently that someone’s name is a powerful thing to put in scripts and their mind may also pick up on it. Hope things go well.

    I did have a quick question… What is a single affirmation? Is it just the “I must” or “I action” statement? Do any of lead up statements count as an affirmation statement? For example, would a statement that starts with “God says” count as an affirmation statement?

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    05/11/2016 at 6:41 am

    • Restructure

    o I’m doing a general restructuring of my approach. I’m going to focus on some general concepts. I don’t plan on having more than two scripts running at any given time. Preferably, I’ll just have one running for a week at a time.

    o I have my concepts broken down into three parts:
     Obedience
     Duty
     Health

    o I also want to incorporate a rewards system into many scripts. I want her to crave being called a “good girl”; each script will mention her being a “good girl”. A few scripts will concentrate on her desire to be called a “good girl”. This is in addition to the standard happiness statements.

    • Obedience

    o This is a fundamental concept in my opinion; so, I will be concentrating on this one first. I plan on making a series of scripts to reinforce these concepts. Each script should be very similar to each other with a minor variation due to supporting role(s).

    o A supporting role is another concept, like love, that would help reinforce the need for obedience or a concept, like performing her duties, that signifies obedience. The plan is keep the scripts short and not try to cram too much into a single script. However, having multiple scripts with a similar structure and content will allow me to switch out scripts to reinforce slightly different areas over the course of several weeks.

    o There will also be summary script for each concept. A summary will include all of the major roles. I’ll try to keep it relatively short; however, it will be the longest script out the group. It will only be used if she has demonstrated some level of competence in all the listed roles.

    o Scripts
     Love
     Honor
     Duty
     Respect
     Summary (rewards)

    • Duty

    o These scripts revolve around her expected duties around the house. She is lazy to put it bluntly and seems to equate me being in the house at the same time as her as me being lazy. She doesn’t seem to realize that I go to work early in morning before she wakes up, and she doesn’t wake up until I get home or right before I get home. She seems to have developed resentment for me wanting to relax while she “has” to do something even though she just woke up and hasn’t done anything yet. Each of these scripts will mention the major points of: love, honor and obey. In addition, they will be reinforced with a “reward”. I’m not sure how to tackle laziness; I would appreciate any advice.

    o Scripts
     Cooking
     Cleaning
     Laundry
     Shopping
     Summary (rewards)

    • Health

    o This is another area affected by her laziness. I want her to start exercising and getting onto a diet. I will pick a diet and exercise plan for her and leave advertisement for it around the house. The scripts will tell her that she wants to do the diet and/or do the exercise routine.

    o Scripts
     Walking
     Exercise
     Diet
     General (rewards)

    • Expansion

    o After an initial run, I can expand the number of categories and/or scripts in each category. This is just to get me started in the process.

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    05/11/2016 at 11:34 am

    Welcome to the forum!

    You have clearly given the matter a lot of thought, and have a very comprehensive plan in place. I’m sure you have studied a lot of the material on this site, so I won’t get too long here, but I’ll give a couple more tips…

    Patience is a virtue.
    Don’t expect huge changes overnight. There is a tendency to see some small early thing that is rare, but within her normal range of behavior, which happens to correspond with an element in your script, and think the script has done its work. Wait for things to really change on a regular basis before changing your script.

    Change is cumulative.
    Your scripts aren’t only building upon each other, but building upon her life experiences. Don’t be surprised if several months down the road something you might have given up on, and moved forward from, suddenly manifests itself when the conditions are “right”.

    You aren’t programming a robot.
    Your subject is a living, breathing human being, with her own goals and desires. You are influencing and guiding, but she is still making her own choices.

    Reality wins – every time.
    You can play files saying you are a wonderful, dominant hunk, but if you’re a lazy fat slob that doesn’t ever assert yourself, she won’t believe it and will just get confused or outright reject the file.

    Now, in regard to your earlier question, in Subliminal terminology an affirmation is an individual statement in the file. You should keep them short, clear, and positive. Group related affirmations together, and pause following key statements for emphasis.

    Try to keep to present tense (“I am”, or “I always”, rather than “I will”), or express “future” ideas as desires that can be just as applicable in the present once they become true: “I like” “I need” “I want”.

    And finally, don’t be shy about asking for advice. There are plenty of us around to help!

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    05/13/2016 at 5:26 pm


    That’s an amibitious plan. A few things.

    -I never used a converter and have had good results. You may think about deleting that part or significantly lessening the affirmations to it in favor of more important ones.

    -One week per subliminal is not enough. I’ve found that even if I play a subliminal one month, but then not play it for a few weeks, my wife will revert back in some ways to her prior state. The subliminals are not entirely permanent.

    -I had a good cleaning script that worked for my wife. She was lazy before, but after playing the script, she was a cleaning machine. It is posted on the site in the subliminal section. However, I stopped playing it for a year because there were more important areas I wanted to address. She has reverted back a bit to being lazy unless I tell her to clean, than she does. That is because I’ve placed a heavy emphasis on obeying me in my affirmations.

    -I get how you are trying to focus on one concept at a time, in terms of love, honor, and obey. I have found it better to have one subliminal incorporating all of these similar ideas. I’d also recommend focusing on a lot of obedience and your happiness affirmations.

    If you think about it, even if a woman loves and honors you, her behavior toward you may not change too much. Even when I use submissive affirmations, these are deep seeded beliefs that are trying to be changed if she is naturally assertive and it takes a LONG time to have an affect.

    Instead, what I found is if I focus on her obeying me and taking pleasure in pleasing me, keeping me happy, etc., those are specific actions that she can more easily follow and take to. Trainer’s His happiness subliminal has good affirmations for that.

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    05/14/2016 at 9:32 pm

    Right now, the plan is to play an obedience script a “good girl” appendage. I do have a “converter” preamble at the start. I may take it out at a later date or put it in intermittently.

    My main obedience script is 20 affirmations at this point. The converter and good girl portions are five affirmations each for a total of 30 affirmations. I would prefer to stay in the 20 to 25 range; so, I’m inclined to take out the converter portion.

    The main portion, the obedience script, will not change over the course of time unless I need to make tweaks to the script. The same 20 lines will be playing throughout the first portion of my updated plan. I will be concentrating on obedience and being happy obeying me during this period. My good girl appendage is just to lay some groundwork to give me tools in being more active during her training.

    I do know that it will probably take more than a week to see results; however, I will probably only swap out messages at the end of any given week. During any given week, my plan is to only have one message playing, but I might play a second script during a week to address an important occurrence, as a transition or to experiment with something.

    I would add my name to the script’s but it just comes out weird. Probably better to leave it out instead of having some mispronunciation of my name in there, right?

    Anyways, I have changed scripts from the converter to the obedience earlier today. We’ll see how it goes… I’ll try to post my script later this weekend, this has been a busy week.

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    05/15/2016 at 7:02 pm

    I completely agree with the obedience focus. That is one reason that I decided to focus on obedience on the start. I do think that she has some natural tendency to obey and serve; I think being lazy interferes with that desire. For example, I ordered her around this morning, and she responded without second thought when the tasks were simple and easy. This isn’t due to the script; it’s just her natural tendency. However, anything that required effort was met with resistance.

    In addition, I think I might have figured out another fundamental problem: she thinks and wants to be an equal despite not putting in an equal amount of work into the marriage. This conclusion is from years of living from her and sitting down and thinking about it. Her attempt to assert herself recently have been, in my opinion, an attempt to gain equal footing without having to commit to working for it.

    Consequently, I think appending a short “My Husband is Superior” script in place of “Good Girl” in the near future might be a good idea. Basically, the bulk of the script will focus on obedience with the last portion focusing on my superiority. Any thoughts? The overall script length should stay around 25 affirmations, with an outside possibility of 27, if I remove the converter portion.

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    05/22/2016 at 8:54 pm

    I think that’s a good idea. Those two concepts of her obedience and you’re being her master are the foundation for everything else to build on.

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    06/01/2016 at 1:29 pm

    After running the Obedience/Good Girl script for just over three weeks, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my wife. She is generally happier and willing to do what she is told. She is still acting headstrong; she asks, sometimes orders, for things before she follows or after following an instruction. That is an irritating quirk I would like to fix in the near future.

    Currently, I have started her cooking on a regular basis, and she seems happy to do so at this point. It is the first week of her cooking; so, we’ll see how it holds up over a long period of time before getting too excited by the results. I do give her odd orders throughout the day to see the effectiveness. For example, my wife tends to dislike certain demeaning acts, especially oral. While I don’t think she’s at the point of performing oral, I do have her kiss “me” on a regular basis. Despite not being particularly fond of it, she does it without question. Overall, she does do the things I tell her; that does make me happy.

    A quick breakdown of her timeline:

    • Week #1: She actually performed acts that weren’t too difficult or required much effort without work. She went along with being a good girl, probably out of amusement.

    • Week #2: She was a pain. She was extremely rebellious and uncooperative.

    • Week #3: This actually happened halfway through week #2. She became relatively compliant. She started to ask for things in return for following “difficult” orders but usually follows those orders. Without a return “gift”, compliance was less than ideal; however, she usually complied with them. She asks if she is a good girl on a semi-regular basis.

    I’m switching over to a combination of Obedience / My Husband is Superior script. The Obedience portion is twenty affirmations; My Husband is Superior portion is seven affirmations. The switchover will be this weekend.

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    06/03/2016 at 2:14 am

    Regarding the pronunciation of your name. There will be a way to phonetically spell your name so it is pronounced properly in TextAloud. Though I have not actually tried it myself.

    A quick search netting this forum:


    The cepstral link is broken but I found it here:


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