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    I saw an interesting article regarding an experiment on learning Morse code with Google Glass.

    The subjects wore the Glass while they were performing unrelated tasks, such as playing a video game. During game, the glass was used to present training material.

    What the researchers presented in their results was that if they played a vibration of the code, in conjunction with a quiet reading and tone of the letter involved, that the subjects uptake of the material increased from 50% accuracy to well over 90%.

    The focus of the article was about how this learning program was more effective with the “haptic” component than without. But there is also much here you can glean by reading “between the lines”.

    1. The article’s main point should be obvious to anyone who has done training of any kind – the more senses of your student you can involve, the more effective the learning.

    2. More relevant to us, however, is the fact that for all practical purposes this is controlled experimentation that totally validates the general effectiveness of subliminal training, even though they never use the word “subliminal”.

    In particular, note the effectiveness of the NON-haptic-enhanced method, which is a quiet playback of the base repetition. They don’t say how loud this is, but obviously it has to be quiet enough to not be a distraction, and thus not something that they consciously pay attention to. Even without the haptic component, the training is effective enough that subjects can perform Morse code with a 50% accuracy.

    Now, this is not using our ultrasonic methods, just classic “low volume”. Chances are they didn’t take it as low as the lowest classic-style training materials do either (some of them are practically down to homeopathic levels). But the difference is one of degree, not of nature. They were absolutely testing subliminal training.

    Here is a link to the article:
    phys.org/news/2016-10-morse-code.html .

    Note that I deliberately made it non-clickable so they can’t trace back to this site. Just copy the URL into your web browser and go!

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