Hello everyone,

Let me start off by saying it’s been an interesting past few days but the or·deal is over! Yes, Dream Girls is back online and up and running 🙂

Those of you who where trying to login today I had to turn off some systems in order to fix the coding which is working fine now thanks to my expert skills…

So the forum? I updated the forum and giving it a whole new look with lots of new profile toys. And yes all existing topics and post remain 🙂

And I’ve given the forum a private secion, serving as the Gold Members only Forum. The Gold Members Forum secion is only visible to those with special gold access.

Unfortunately all have to grant all Gold Members access manually to this forum section but this will be done at a later time.

So, since I started on the Dream Girls site repairs I haven’t had time to start on the new subliminal recording like the program, I am a sex toy – sledgehammer for rain and silents…

But I will get to this one program and brand new ones for Self-Hypnosis as well.  Right now I have to get cought up in other business matters and later make minor updates to Dream Girls.

I’m just glad the site is working again to it’s full 🙂

Check it out Lee Space www.leespacegt.com this has to be Dream Girls sister site lol but non Adult-R

Thanks everyone for being patient,


Dream Girls

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